About us

KARENHILL.ca  was started in memory of our daughter, sister, auntie and best friend who was taken home to be with the LORD in 2007.

Karen was known for her roughness, kindness, gentleness...but most of all, Karen was known for the enormous size of her heart which encompassed everyone that knew her!!! 

Karen's compassion for  those she loved and even those she just met was so great that she plainly cared of your well being if in view of her beautiful blue eyes. Karen's genuine love of people was told by many of her Dadda's friends that no matter how big the crowd of her friends she was with, Karen would leave her peer's to give them a huge Karen hug n say "Hi". 

In keeping with Karen's stubborn position to only speak the truth always. KARENHILL.ca pledges to continue to endorse truth in all of the plant based remedies and products offered on our site, in our stores and in all our educating seminars, newsletters and organic juice bars.

 We hope when it comes to understanding the knowledge of organic plant based foods that an Almighty GOD provides for this world you'll think of us and Karens healthy vegetarian ways to obtain OPTIMAL HEALTH!!!! Pure and certain truth in a day of uncertainty.